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We Like To Party: The Future of Going Out

DJ Alex Gutierrez/ SFDJA/ Miami While many businesses are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are many challenges that put small music venues in a particularly tough spot. As DJs we see no end in sight to all the venue closures. Many full time DJs have been forced to look for ” Real” jobs as many in the industry call work outside the music biz. We look around and see those establishments that have supported us, in serious trouble and there is nothing we can do to help. Reopening with a reduced capacity for many of these bars and clubs ( if and when that will be possible) just won’t cut it. The business model has always been ” Pack the House” Social distancing and nightclubs are about as compatible as dogs and catsĀ  Event venues and banquet halls have all shut down, some even closing their doors permanently. In an attempt to get creative, DJs have loaded their gear on pickup trucks in order to capitalize on the ” Drive By” party trend. Some ask for donations while playing music on Facebook Live only to be disconnected after 15 minutes because Music Companies have identified songs that belongContinue readingWe Like To Party: The Future of Going Out

Malo: Suavecito

Dj Alex Gutierrez SFDJA/ Rewind 1039 Although the track was released in 1972 , it wasn’t until the summer of 1975 that I attended a house party where the record player was being manned by an older kid about 17 or 18 years old. Salsoul’s ” Tangerine” has just finished playing , and the dance floor ( the middle of someone’s living room ) was clearing when I first heard the song that would attach itself to a memory I would create that night. My first slow dance . At first it sounded like something my parents would hear at the time, Latin Music was something I only heard at adult parties, but slowly I saw many of the kids leading girls to the dance area and turning down the lights, after a minute or so only one girl remained and only one shy, introverted boy , looking awkwardly at each other knowing that by the process of elimination they were destined to be each others ” First Slow Dance” The song was Suavecito by Malo a SanFrancisco group led by, Richard Bean, Arcelio Garcia andĀ Jorge Santana brother of Carlos. The song was written by and sung by, Richard Bean.Continue readingMalo: Suavecito

Disco Returns to Coral Gables

The Fever at The Open Stage in Coral Gables Call for our next event NO COVER ……… When I started the Happy Hour at Alcazaba at the Hyatt Regency Many years ago I knew this was the place that would support this music that Miami was in love with since we first heard it during our teenage years, Unfortunately Alcazaba closed it’s doors in 2009 and an Era came to an end. The well dressed crowds , the classic sounds replaced by Bachata and Reggeaton and a crowd that opted for a cold beer instead of a Johnny Walker ” Neat”. We were getting older but we still wanted to dance and have a great time. Our choices were limited ,and when we finally found a place more often than not our music would be mixed in between those same styles we tried to avoid . Bob Quesada ( Mr.Q 305 ) is a veteran of the Miami Nightlife of the 70s here in Miami, resident DJ at such Clubs as Alexandre’s at the Omni and Daphne’s at the Sheraton. After I started the South Florida DJ Association Bob and I would constantly discuss that there was a segment ofContinue readingDisco Returns to Coral Gables

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