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We Like To Party: The Future of Going Out

DJ Alex Gutierrez/ SFDJA/ Miami While many businesses are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are many challenges that put small music venues in a particularly tough spot. As DJs we see no end in sight to all the venue closures. Many full time DJs have been forced to look for ” Real” jobs as many in the industry call work outside the music biz. We look around and see those establishments that have supported us, in serious trouble and there is nothing we can do to help. Reopening with a reduced capacity for many of these bars and clubs ( if and when that will be possible) just won’t cut it. The business model has always been ” Pack the House” Social distancing and nightclubs are about as compatible as dogs and cats  Event venues and banquet halls have all shut down, some even closing their doors permanently. In an attempt to get creative, DJs have loaded their gear on pickup trucks in order to capitalize on the ” Drive By” party trend. Some ask for donations while playing music on Facebook Live only to be disconnected after 15 minutes because Music Companies have identified songs that belongContinue readingWe Like To Party: The Future of Going Out

Cerrone: From France with Love

by DJ Alex Gutierrez Miami/ Rewind 1039 / SFDJA In 1976 at the age of 15 & 16, two aspiring DJs , unable to get into any of the straight clubs in Miami , found themselves in front of the WindwardResort Motel in Miami Beach. They both agreed that they would say ” We left our IDs in the car ( Those lines worked back then ) Half an hour past their curfew of 10:00pm , they approached the front door and a large bouncer who calmly waved them in, No questions asked . The music was getting louder, the dance floor packed with bodies, and a song that would introduce them to a whole new world of music they couldn’t get at their local record store. The song was ” Love in C Minor” by Cerrone but they wouldn’t find out the name of the song until two weeks later because the DJ had covered the label with tape, a practice back in the day to sound exclusive. I was one of those two kids who would forever be in love with the music known as ” Disco” Jean-Marc Cerrone born 24 May 1952 is a French disco drummer, composer, recordContinue readingCerrone: From France with Love

Fist Bumps, Handshakes High Fives: What's a DJ to do?

Our business depends on our interaction with people, making a positive impression is crucial and not only with our music and mixing skills. Every one wants to know the DJ. When they see us at our clubs ,at our events on the street they all want to acknowledge you as their buddy. The current climate , has many of us on edge, especially since we are constantly interacting with our public, the ones that come out and make us look good. We must now step back and evaluate every aspect of our DJ routine. The Coronavirus,is a respiratory illness, that has infected thousands of people across the world. The outbreak began in China, but the virus has emerged in several countries, including the United States, as it has continued to spread. Fear of the spreading the virus has led many people to consider abandoning niceties and recommending against handshakes or physical contact. Hand to hand Contact can transfer germs that can cause disease, such as respiratory infections like colds or the flu. It appears by some studies that have been conducted that “fist bumps” reduces the amount of bacteria that transfers from person to person, because of the smaller surface areaContinue readingFist Bumps, Handshakes High Fives: What's a DJ to do?

Open House Radio

THE OPEN HOUSE RADIO STORY Mike and I have worked in just about every nightclub and every radio Station in Miami. Collectively we share over 30 years in the business. We have been witness to the evolution of dance music ,since the days of Disco to the present. Technologically Mike has been at the forefront of Studio Engineering and the Recording Industry. Mike’s father, Miguel Triay is the most respected Radio Engineer in the country ,responsible for massive broadcasting projects both in South Florida and Puerto Rico.Mike Jr.was the producer/remixer of the English version of the worlwide hit :” La Macarena”There is no doubt that music is our passion. Unfortunately this business is not kind and most people who work in it only care about one thing….themselves… and true talent often gets cast aside in favor of behind the scenes deals and strategies to stay in “power” for as long as possible in this very unstable line of work. Alliances are formed and those who shine by way of their talent are often squashed by the powers that be. Radio Formats rely on ” research” . Most stations play “safe” music ,in other words stuff you’re tired of listening to.Continue readingOpen House Radio

Disco Gets Lucky Again

As a DJ who started back in the late 70s Daft Punk’s release and success with the single “ Get Lucky “ got my hopes up that the mainstream would once again embrace this style albeit under another name. Then came Bruno Mars with his Treasure, Justin Timberlake with his “ Suit and Tie” Robin Thicke with “ Blurred Lines” and I was sending my white suit to the cleaners. Am I overreacting ? Was this just a trend ? Or was music actually becoming “musical “ once again? Disco music Culture is open to all. Artists who produce it , regardless of previous musical orientation are embraced by Disco Fans. In other words a Rock band or artist can produce this music without being ostracized for being from another Genre. Kiss did it with “ I was Made for loving You” Bryan Adams with “ Let me take You Dancing “and Rod Stewart with “ Do You Think I’m sexy” Disco’s message is simple “Dance” The style has thrived for years under different sub –genres of Dance music, now called Nu-Disco or Disco House . The UK label Hed Kandi has been releasing Disco Flavored material since it’s inceptionContinue readingDisco Gets Lucky Again

DJs In Love by Alex Gutierrez

DJs in Love DJ Alex Gutierrez Did you know that 9 out of 10 DJ marriages end in Divorce? Don’t worry I just made that made up , but it sure seems like alot of people have a hard time keeping a relationship together while on the ” ONES AND TWOS ” Most DJs have full time jobs and use this profession as a way to supplement their income, although they love it many don’t want to give up the benefits of a ” regular” job A small percentage dive in head first and actively seek gigs as their full time profession, an extremely difficult task to say the very least and one that takes years before seeing results ( actually being able to subsist from it) leaving in many cases little time to attend to a partner. Both the Casual DJ and the Career DJ early in their career are focused mainly on DJing and inexperience and vision of DJ Stardom often cloud important relationship decisions. THE CASUAL DJ This individual usually begins in High School as a hobby. Parties , Weddings, upgrading gear by working part time jobs or ” well to do parents ” In many casesContinue readingDJs In Love by Alex Gutierrez

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