C-Bank ” Heaven”

DJ Alex Gutierrez Rewind 1039/Disco 96FM /South Florida DJ Association

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In the last few years we’ve seen Freestyle artists such as Stevie B and George LaMond release new material .Both productions faithful to the genre and well received at the nightclubs and concerts I DJ at. From a production standpoint it is extremely difficult to capture the essence of the Freestyle era. Many producers can’t resist the desire to make a track utilizing forced dance music arrangements and instrumentation tainting the final product with an overly polished sound, abusing effects and filters which is in direct contrast with Freestyle’s urban feel. Many past artists choose the ” Dance” or ” House” version route when releasing new music , which is the last thing concert attendees want to hear when they go to see an artist from the 80s in 2022.

” Heaven” by C- Bank immediately pulls you in and transports you back to the Freestyle Clubs of the mid to late 80s. The percussion intro summons you to the dancefloor and all the freestyle elements quickly fall into place taking over every inch of your body . The ” hits” and the synths set you up for a perfectly executed vocal track that flows ” heavenly” over the music .

Raymond ” The Chief” Hernandez program Director of the wildly popular Freestyle Station Rewind 1039 calls it ” A Jam !! For Freestyle to survive it needed to use today’s music keys and sounds to bring it up to date and this song delivers on all fronts !”

The track has tested well with the over 3000 members of the South Florida DJ Association and is starting to gather traction here in Miami. Give it a spin and I’m sure you’ll be in ” Heaven”

“Heaven” performed by C-Bank

Lyric and Melody by Franc. Reyes

Music and Production by Carlos Berrios Berrios Beats Music 2022


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