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Disco Returns to Coral Gables

The Fever at The Open Stage in Coral Gables Call for our next event NO COVER ……… When I started the Happy Hour at Alcazaba at the Hyatt Regency Many years ago I knew this was the place that would support this music that Miami was in love with since we first heard it during our teenage years, Unfortunately Alcazaba closed it’s doors in 2009 and an Era came to an end. The well dressed crowds , the classic sounds replaced by Bachata and Reggeaton and a crowd that opted for a cold beer instead of a Johnny Walker ” Neat”. We were getting older but we still wanted to dance and have a great time. Our choices were limited ,and when we finally found a place more often than not our music would be mixed in between those same styles we tried to avoid . Bob Quesada ( Mr.Q 305 ) is a veteran of the Miami Nightlife of the 70s here in Miami, resident DJ at such Clubs as Alexandre’s at the Omni and Daphne’s at the Sheraton. After I started the South Florida DJ Association Bob and I would constantly discuss that there was a segment ofContinue readingDisco Returns to Coral Gables

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