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Rewind 1039 : BATTLE OF THE HITS Honey Moon in Puerto Rico vs Shine On Silver Moon

DJ Alex Gutierrez / Rewind 1039 Battle of the Hits is a popular feature on the Rewind 1039 Facebook page created by DJ Alex Gutierrez seen and commented on by over 20,000 people daily. Two tracks from the 70s and 80s are selected and the audience is given the difficult task to select just one. Paul Jabara, also known as Paul Frederick Jabara, (January 31, 1948 – September 29, 1992) was an American actor, singer, and songwriter of Lebanese ancestry, born in Brooklyn, New York City. He wrote Donna Summer‘s Oscar-winning “Last Dance” from Thank God It’s Friday (1978) as well “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)” her international hit duet with Barbra Streisand. He also cowrote The Weather Girls iconic hit “It’s Raining Men” (with Paul Shaffer). The song Shine on Silver Moon was written by Gene Allan and Gary Knight and was first released by Adam Wade in 1977. It was covered by Gloria Gaynor and Ron Libby. It became a huge Disco Hit for McCoo and Davis in 1978.  McCoo is married to 5th Dimension bandmate Billy Davis Jr. On July 26, 2019, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

KYGO Remix of Donna Summer’s ” Hot Stuff ” is Warm

It’s not terrible, it’s actually OK, but if he had access to the master recordings was this the best he could do? I would kill ( calm down…not like really kill ) to be able to remix any Disco classic with the original masters in hand , let alone a Donna Summer track. Let’s just blame his age he’s only about 29 years old. The video is cute . An obvious attempt to entice young listeners . They even dance Disco briefly , before they take off their clothes ( not that there’s anything wrong with that )

Yacht Rock Miami Celebrates it’s 4th Year ” Smooth Sailing”

Two guys in Hawaiian Shirts and captain’s hats playing soft rock from the 70s and 80s is the way we pitched our show to local bars and clubs. Needless to say , we got a lot of funny looks, but a few decided to take ” The Plunge” into the cool , refreshing waters of Yacht Rock Miami. The are rules in Yacht Rock , set by the mighty Yacht Gods somewhere in California. We adhered , we studied the ” ways’ , the sound, the mood , we faced the devil himself and were not tempted with the empty promises of ” Margaritaville and even though the sailors said ” Brandy ” we were strong. Then we began searching deep within our own ” Yacht Souls ” searching for those songs that were present on our Yacht here in South Florida and re-discovered a treasure chest of tunes that we had to bring on deck for all to hear.  Sweet Freedom !! Yacht Rock Miami was born, the sound unique , calming , and so so SMOOTH. Captain Juan Luv at the helm created a station where all Yacht Rockers all over the world could unite and partake inContinue readingYacht Rock Miami Celebrates it’s 4th Year ” Smooth Sailing”

Los 3 Feos Entertainment presents ” Fania All Stars Live in Africa”

Alex Gutierrez/ Miami   In 1974, at the peak of New York City’s Salsa explosion, the Fania All-Stars, a group that brought together several of the Fania record label’s most popular artists, were invited to perform in front of 80,000 people at a stadium in Zaire, Africa the Stadu du Hai in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) as part of the build-up to the Muhammad Ali / George Foreman fight.With performances by Celia Cruz, Héctor Lavoe, and an incredible dance demonstration from Roberto Roena ( Which is one of my favorite moments Click Here ) and of course the All-Stars’  which include Johnny Pacheco, Santos Colon, Cheo Feliciano, Larry Harlow, Bobby Valentin, Ray Barretto and more. Captured on film by director Leon Gast with help from Albert Maysles originally released in 1986. Live In Africa is great film to enjoy with the whole family and an excellent teachable moment to share with younger generations who may not have been exposed to this caliber of musicianship.  If you missed them then, Don’t Miss them now !! Live in Africa will be shown on Friday September 25 at 8pm at The Dade County Youth Fair Grounds located on Coral Way andContinue readingLos 3 Feos Entertainment presents ” Fania All Stars Live in Africa”

Mayer Hawthorne “Someone Like You”

http://www.yachtrockmiami.comI t’s the kind of music that we secretly prayed would be produced again. It took a lot searching but about 2 years ago I discovered Mayer , since then I’ve been hooked. Check out this and other smooth classics on Official audio of Mayer Hawthorne’s “Someone Like You” from his new EP, Party of One (BMG/Vagrant 2016). Download the “Party of One” EP now: Listen to “Party of One” EP (full album) here: Text Mayer: +1 (323) 402-5291 Subscribe to the official Mayer Hawthorne Channel here:

We Like To Party: The Future of Going Out

DJ Alex Gutierrez/ SFDJA/ Miami While many businesses are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are many challenges that put small music venues in a particularly tough spot. As DJs we see no end in sight to all the venue closures. Many full time DJs have been forced to look for ” Real” jobs as many in the industry call work outside the music biz. We look around and see those establishments that have supported us, in serious trouble and there is nothing we can do to help. Reopening with a reduced capacity for many of these bars and clubs ( if and when that will be possible) just won’t cut it. The business model has always been ” Pack the House” Social distancing and nightclubs are about as compatible as dogs and cats  Event venues and banquet halls have all shut down, some even closing their doors permanently. In an attempt to get creative, DJs have loaded their gear on pickup trucks in order to capitalize on the ” Drive By” party trend. Some ask for donations while playing music on Facebook Live only to be disconnected after 15 minutes because Music Companies have identified songs that belongContinue readingWe Like To Party: The Future of Going Out

Junior’s Band : Dancing Salsa in Africa

DJ Alex Gutierrez / SFDJA / Miami Recorded by the American rock band TOTO  in 1981, for their fourth studio album TOTO IV. Africa is is a song that has been remade countless of times , most recently by the band Weezer in 2018.who introduced the track to millennials. It was even sampled ( sort of ) by Pitbull for his contribution to the ” Aquaman ” soundtrack ( The track is titled ‘Ocean to Ocean’ and sees Pitbull duetting with Rhea) with laughable results. Now Africa receives the ” Salsa” treatment by local group Junior’s Band , who had several hits back in the 90s as ” Miami’s Band ” I was fortunate enough to do several remixes for them and was able to hear up close and personal what great musicians are part of this band. The arrangements are extremely faithful to Toto’s original song , the latin vibe works well for this track and the results are an upbeat salsa track that will be embraced by all just on the familiarity alone. Lots of positive DJ comments on this one !! Check it out !! Facebook Available on all platforms @youtube @spotify @applemusic@theofficialpandora @deezer @tidal @amazonmusic

Meet Mariya Takeuchi and Welcome to " City Pop"

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Most people are not familiar with the term ” City Pop” a style that  began in Japan in the late 1970s produced by artists who refused to embrace traditional Japanese music and began to emulate American soft rock, and R&B. Around 2010, this genre experienced a new found popularity ( especially online ) Tatsuro Yamashita is considered by many the ” King of City Pop” along with his wife Mariya Takeuchi. Several years ago when Yacht Rock Miami was founded Captain Juan Luv introduced me to Mariya who has sold over 16 million records in Japan. She is best known for the City Pop song “Plastic Love” from her number-one album ” Variety”  (1984) This track is an excellent primer for those wishing to musically explore the vast oceans of ” Smoothnes” available . I’ve included the video to Friday Night Plans version which will certainly have you seeking out more of their music. Listen to all these great tracks and many more at           [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Review: Kygo, Tina Turner – What’s Love Got to Do with It

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] DJ AlexGutierrez / SFDJA / Miami I guess if someone HAD to remix this track, Kygo ,pronounced KY-GU ( Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll ) wasn’t a terrible choice since most of his productions are more on the laid back side of contemporary dance music or ” Chill” as fans will tell you. He’s approached similar projects like this before such as Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” and Whitney Houston’s version of the Steve Winwood Classic ” Higher Love” all with similar sounding results. The ” Kygo” formula I would assume. Some Acapellas here and there , a slight effect on the vocals and a drop into 118 BPM dance. We’ve been here before, but that’s Ok , I am not the target consumer. Although as a Dj, especially an older DJ ,this track would be categorized as an early evening starter. Thankfully as the founder of the South Florida DJ Association with over 3000 members I have access to opinions and reactions from DJs of all ages, even though I actively seek out faithful remixes of Classic tracks to include in my sets. The general consensus was not surprising in this age of Hip Hop and a leaning towards a “harder ” danceContinue readingReview: Kygo, Tina Turner – What’s Love Got to Do with It

Pet Shop Boys – Monkey Business

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] DJ Alex Gutierrez / Review Well , Well , Well I was certainly surprised when I came across the new Pet Shop Boys track ” Monkey Business” the voice is unmistakably Neil Tennant and in the video we even see Chris Lowe Dancing. Hotspot is their fourteenth studio album and they prove once again they are in a league of their own. It’s ” synthy” as a PSB track should be , but it adds some Disco elements ( which will NEVER be a complaint coming from me) throw in a vocoder, some violins and we are ready to play this track in any throwback set ( but use the Prins Thomas diskomiks REMIX) The boys don’t disappoint with this single, and it’s a call back to tracks like New York City Boy focusing more on the “fun” side of their catalog You should have no problem filling the dance floor when this comes on. .Monkey business’ is taken from the new album ‘Hotspot’, released 24th January 2020. You can listen to the album here – .Monkey business’ is taken from the new album ‘Hotspot’, released 24th January 2020. You can listen to the album here – [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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