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Music Therapy: Take two and call me in the morning

DJ Alex Gutierrez Miami/SFDJA Believe it or not a lot of people I know have turned to music as a coping mechanism during this difficult time. People of all ages, tired of Netflix have decided to just hangout and listen to their favorite songs as therapy. Now i can only represent the 50 and over crowd, so I’ve decide to put together my favorite Spotify playlists I’ve created with a nice sampling of tracks our age group would appreciate. Music is therapeutic and on a Miami rainy day such as today, these playlists have some great music for all of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s. Some great links for us ” 50s+ ” are http://www.yachtrockmiami.com Rewind 1039 Freestyle Disco ” Jamoneo” is a playlist I created with some Slow Jams that have an emotional connection to me . It spans many decades and crosses over many genres. It will surely bring back some memories ! My Playlist ” Disco Cream” gives you a nice sampling of dance floor favorites as well as some obscure stuff you’ll like. ” Miami Salsa Party” are some tracks I play at local clubs that get people dancing. New and oldContinue readingMusic Therapy: Take two and call me in the morning

The Music of Gay 8 : The Largest Hispanic LGBTQ street party in the country.

It started as a small idea, that has quickly become a major and influential festival for the LGBTQ community.   a huge  block party-style festival featuring live music, DJs,  food trucks, fashion shows, a doggie village, in Little Havana from 17ave to 14ave. This year’s performers were Grammy and Emmy award-winning artist Albita, along with Lucy Grau, Pepper Mashay, Son Lokos, Nic N Taya, Robbie Elias, DJ Alex Gutierrez and internationally acclaimed DJ Abel of the Rosabel duo. Gay 8 also features free movies at the historic Tower theater , cultural programming, dance parties, the Best Miami Sandwich Competition, fashion shows,and much more. Founder of the South Florida DJ Association and Veteran Miami DJ , Alex Gutierrez was on the Main Stage and recounts his experience with the Festival. DJ Alex Gutierrez : ” The LGBTQ community has always been an influential presence and inspiration for Djs such as myself that grew up during the Disco years. Many of the first clubs I went to were predominantly Gay clubs here in South Florida , The Warehouse on 8 street, The Windward at the beach, The Copa in Ft. Lauderdale. Uncle Charlies here in Miami. It is here that I secretly wentContinue readingThe Music of Gay 8 : The Largest Hispanic LGBTQ street party in the country.


In 1976 I bought two BSR Belt driven Turntables with no pitch control and a Radio Shack microphone mixer mixer with no CUE, with money I had saved working as a busboy at a restaurant. I was the “man “!! Well at least I thought I was . I had been to a party where instead of everyone bringing their own records (with their name written all over those 45 rpm records in bold black ink) There was an actual guy with his own stuff in a corner playing the records for you. Of course you didn’t know what he was playing because he covered the label with black tape. Oh,and he was getting paid $15.00. I wanted to do what that guy did. I became his friend ,George Valdes,never saw him after Jr.high School,but he started me out by giving me the Trammp’s ” That’s where the Happy people Go ” on Atlantic Records. Showed me what ” mixing ” was,showed me where to cut my hair ( Hair Fantasy ) showed me that Pierre Cardin cologne was better than Jovan musk oil. But most important he showed me that a DJ can’t be taught ,it has to comeContinue readingDJ ALEX GUTIERREZ

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