The Music of Gay 8 : The Largest Hispanic LGBTQ street party in the country.

It started as a small idea, that has quickly become a major and influential festival for the LGBTQ community.   a huge  block party-style festival featuring live music, DJs,  food trucks, fashion shows, a doggie village, in Little Havana from 17ave to 14ave. This year’s performers were Grammy and Emmy award-winning artist Albita, along with Lucy Grau, Pepper Mashay, Son Lokos, Nic N Taya, Robbie Elias, DJ Alex Gutierrez and internationally acclaimed DJ Abel of the Rosabel duo. Gay 8 also features free movies at the historic Tower theater , cultural programming, dance parties, the Best Miami Sandwich Competition, fashion shows,and much more. Founder of the South Florida DJ Association and Veteran Miami DJ , Alex Gutierrez was on the Main Stage and recounts his experience with the Festival.

DJ Alex Gutierrez : ” The LGBTQ community has always been an influential presence and inspiration for Djs such as myself that grew up during the Disco years. Many of the first clubs I went to were predominantly Gay clubs here in South Florida , The Warehouse on 8 street, The Windward at the beach, The Copa in Ft. Lauderdale. Uncle Charlies here in Miami. It is here that I secretly went to DJ school as a young 15 year old aspiring DJ ,listening to Master DJs such as Bill Kelly, Bobby Viteritti and Bob Lombardi who’s mixing style and floor control would forever shape the way I would play music to crowds.”

The Live performers and dancers were a cross section of our city from the ” Timba” sounds of of Nic N’Taya and Sonlokos ( with their very special guest Leslie Cartaya) to our very own Lucy Grau who has magically transformed many Disco Classics into Salsa Classics and a favorite artist of all the DJs in the South Florida DJ Association. and of course superstar Albita who closed out the event with a Bang !!

DJ Alex Gutierrez : “This is my 3rd year here at the festival. There is a palpable sense of unity and peace with people from all walks of life , that would be difficult to find anywhere else. Open arms and smiles are around every corner, to me it’s the Miami I grew up with, and music has always been a part of our daily life here in South Florida. I try to incorporate a variety of styles in my programming , it’s an extremely diverse group . You can tell they love and feel the music as I do. It’s a very satisfying experience as a DJ to see these crowds react. I hope to be a part of this Family for a very long time. I thank Damian Pardo and Jonathan Casanas for the opportunity to be a part of this ground breaking festival. If you missed it this year, Be there in 2021!! “

“Gay 8 is an invitation to all South Floridians and International Visitors to come to Little Havana for the “Fiesta” of a lifetime.”

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