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Music Therapy: Take two and call me in the morning

DJ Alex Gutierrez Miami/SFDJA Believe it or not a lot of people I know have turned to music as a coping mechanism during this difficult time. People of all ages, tired of Netflix have decided to just hangout and listen to their favorite songs as therapy. Now i can only represent the 50 and over crowd, so I’ve decide to put together my favorite Spotify playlists I’ve created with a nice sampling of tracks our age group would appreciate. Music is therapeutic and on a Miami rainy day such as today, these playlists have some great music for all of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s. Some great links for us ” 50s+ ” are http://www.yachtrockmiami.com Rewind 1039 Freestyle Disco ” Jamoneo” is a playlist I created with some Slow Jams that have an emotional connection to me . It spans many decades and crosses over many genres. It will surely bring back some memories ! My Playlist ” Disco Cream” gives you a nice sampling of dance floor favorites as well as some obscure stuff you’ll like. ” Miami Salsa Party” are some tracks I play at local clubs that get people dancing. New and oldContinue readingMusic Therapy: Take two and call me in the morning

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