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Disco Gets Lucky Again

As a DJ who started back in the late 70s Daft Punk’s release and success with the single
“ Get Lucky “ got my hopes up that the mainstream would once again embrace this style albeit under another name. Then came Bruno Mars with his Treasure, Justin Timberlake with his “ Suit and Tie” Robin Thicke with “ Blurred Lines” and I was sending my white suit to the cleaners. Am I overreacting ? Was this just a trend ? Or was music actually becoming “musical “ once again?
Disco music Culture is open to all. Artists who produce it , regardless of previous musical orientation are embraced by Disco Fans. In other words a Rock band or artist can produce this music without being ostracized for being from another Genre. Kiss did it with “ I was Made for loving You” Bryan Adams with “ Let me take You Dancing “and Rod Stewart with “ Do You Think I’m sexy” Disco’s message is simple “Dance” The style has thrived for years under different sub –genres of Dance music, now called Nu-Disco or Disco House . The UK label Hed Kandi has been releasing Disco Flavored material since it’s inception in 1999. Nu disco DJs play to sold out crowds all over the world , yet here in the US the style is still only heard at “ boutique” type clubs usually on an off night or at trendy restaurants as background music. So for us “ Disco Bunnies” we continue to keep our fingers crossed that someday the style that started it all ,will return and take it’s rightful place in the history of Dance Music. Instead of having a bunch of people on the dance floor pointing their index fingers mockingly in the air.
Alex Gutierrez