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Disco Gets Lucky Again

As a DJ who started back in the late 70s Daft Punk’s release and success with the single “ Get Lucky “ got my hopes up that the mainstream would once again embrace this style albeit under another name. Then came Bruno Mars with his Treasure, Justin Timberlake with his “ Suit and Tie” Robin Thicke with “ Blurred Lines” and I was sending my white suit to the cleaners. Am I overreacting ? Was this just a trend ? Or was music actually becoming “musical “ once again? Disco music Culture is open to all. Artists who produce it , regardless of previous musical orientation are embraced by Disco Fans. In other words a Rock band or artist can produce this music without being ostracized for being from another Genre. Kiss did it with “ I was Made for loving You” Bryan Adams with “ Let me take You Dancing “and Rod Stewart with “ Do You Think I’m sexy” Disco’s message is simple “Dance” The style has thrived for years under different sub –genres of Dance music, now called Nu-Disco or Disco House . The UK label Hed Kandi has been releasing Disco Flavored material since it’s inceptionContinue readingDisco Gets Lucky Again

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