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Yacht Rock Miami Celebrates it’s 4th Year ” Smooth Sailing”

Two guys in Hawaiian Shirts and captain’s hats playing soft rock from the 70s and 80s is the way we pitched our show to local bars and clubs. Needless to say , we got a lot of funny looks, but a few decided to take ” The Plunge” into the cool , refreshing waters of Yacht Rock Miami. The are rules in Yacht Rock , set by the mighty Yacht Gods somewhere in California. We adhered , we studied the ” ways’ , the sound, the mood , we faced the devil himself and were not tempted with the empty promises of ” Margaritaville and even though the sailors said ” Brandy ” we were strong. Then we began searching deep within our own ” Yacht Souls ” searching for those songs that were present on our Yacht here in South Florida and re-discovered a treasure chest of tunes that we had to bring on deck for all to hear.  Sweet Freedom !! Yacht Rock Miami was born, the sound unique , calming , and so so SMOOTH. Captain Juan Luv at the helm created a station where all Yacht Rockers all over the world could unite and partake in Audio Stimulation . Captain G at his side , sometimes steering course to uncharted waters where together they would discover beautiful and tranquil melodies that would soothe and heal humanity who was headed towards a musical apocalypse.

Now the Captains with purpose, Ride like the Wind  provide a steady stream of Certified Yacht, Smooth Classics, and Contemporary Cool Vibes available on a variety of platforms Roku, Tune In Radio, myRadio, as well as on

Available for Club and Bar Dates Call or Email 786-201-5070 or 803-999-SAIL


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Bad Business " Cadillac Villa"

There is no mistaking where the inspiration for their music comes from as you listen to Bad Business and their new track “ Cadillac Villa. On a secluded island or on the upper deck of your shiny new yacht sipping an ice cold Champale the vibe is smooth and classy. Reminiscent of such Yacht Rock Masters as Bill LaBounty and Marc Jordan .Bad Business delivers an expertly crafted track with all the elements Yacht Rock fans are familiar with.
“The bounce” the guitar solo and of course those smooth vocals complimented by Fantine adding the lady’s touch.
“ Cadillac Villa” steps back into sexy groove ,unlike my favorite“Sailor’s Delight” which funks you up from start to finish . But the “ Business” still delivers another winner.This is definitely a band to watch ( and hear)
Thankfully Yacht Rock Miami alwaysahead of the curve has placed several
of their tracks on rotation and the video for Cadillac Villa seems to be a crowd favorite at Yacht Rock Miami’s Live DJ Performances.
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