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80 year old ,Merengue Icon Jonny Ventura Tests + for Coronavirus

Juan de Dios Ventura Soriano  better known as Johnny Ventura or “El Caballo Johnny Ventura”, a popular Dominican singer and band leader who also served as vice mayor of Santo Domingo from 1994 to 1998, and as mayor of Santo Domingo from 1998 to 2002 was admitted to the Center for Advanced Medicine , in the Dominican Republic, after suffering a fall at his home he washospitalized, tand underwent a test of coronavirus (COVID-19) after presenting cold symptoms. The test was positive. Ventura who is under intensive care and under observation, declared that t he is stable and is able to breathe without having to resort to supplemental oxygen.

Fist Bumps, Handshakes High Fives: What's a DJ to do?

Our business depends on our interaction with people, making a positive impression is crucial and not only with our music and mixing skills. Every one wants to know the DJ. When they see us at our clubs ,at our events on the street they all want to acknowledge you as their buddy. The current climate , has many of us on edge, especially since we are constantly interacting with our public, the ones that come out and make us look good. We must now step back and evaluate every aspect of our DJ routine. The Coronavirus,is a respiratory illness, that has infected thousands of people across the world. The outbreak began in China, but the virus has emerged in several countries, including the United States, as it has continued to spread. Fear of the spreading the virus has led many people to consider abandoning niceties and recommending against handshakes or physical contact. Hand to hand Contact can transfer germs that can cause disease, such as respiratory infections like colds or the flu. It appears by some studies that have been conducted that “fist bumps” reduces the amount of bacteria that transfers from person to person, because of the smaller surface areaContinue readingFist Bumps, Handshakes High Fives: What's a DJ to do?

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