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John Davis & The Monster Orchestra " Night and Day"

While listening to some old unlabeled Cds I had in my car, I came across a track I had not heard in a while. I was surprised that in all the recent Disco nights and Concerts I had played at , I had totally overlooked this ” Gem” . The Track was ” Night and Day” by John Davis and The Monster Orchestra released in 1976. As I listened to this ” Disco Masterpiece” I wondered why John Davis was not a name that popped up more frequently when discussing the Disco Masters such as Giorgio, Alec R. Costandinos and Cerrone.Up Jumped the Devil
John Davis is an arranger, producer and musician (playing keyboards, sax and flute)he had been working in Philedelphia, with groups like First Choice, The Intruders,and artists like William DeVaughn. Davis first came to the attention of DJs with his ” Discofied” version of Cole Porter’s ” Night and Day” (written for the 1932 musical play Gay Divorce ) The track opens with Davis’ signature percussion intro, focusing heavily on the conga work of Larry Washington followed by an infectious bass line that hooks in the listener as well as the dancer. The familiar Disco standard incorporated in many songs of the time such as ” Brazil ” Salsoul Orchestra , the female chorus yelling ” WOOOOOO!!!” greets the listener into a pure Disco experience utilizing all the elements of the genre. It is no coincidence that we hear Salsoul influences in this track since John was a part of Salsoul Orchestra.
For all of you ” Disco Heads” out there it is worth adding this classic to your music library allowing in to surprise you one day when you least expect it. It is one of those tracks that will instantly transport you back to the club where you first heard it.John Davis2
John Davis and the Monster Orchestra without doubt, were one of the best Disco orchestras of it’s time earning a well deserved spot among Disco royalty.JD