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Grace Jones is Back

I love Grace Jones. Saw her several times in the 70s at the South Florida Nightclub Limelight in Hollywood. Great show, Great tracks , “Do or Die”, ” I Need a Man” ” Sorry” her timeless rendition of ” La Vie En Rose” Her own Unique style , her instantly recognizable voice as if commanding you to do her will. That was Grace !!
Her New Track ” ORIGINAL BEAST” in over 20 years on the New Hunger Games Soundtrack delivers the Grace we remember growling her vocals over a tribal drum beat with reggae riffs here and there and an electronic bass line that kicks in half way through the track but never quite delivers the goods. The track ends and you’re left with a sense of ” That’s it?”Definitely not made for Dancing ,unless you’re in a Cirque du Soleil show. Hey I get it , it’s on a soundtrack. It maybe playing over a scene where leopards and panthers hunt human prey by the light of the moon. Ok but as a stand alone Grace Jones track it lacks the musicality I remember her for.We’ll wait for the Remix