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Where to go on New Years Eve in Miami

Back in the Day it was a “NO Brainer “. New Years Eve you were going out to your favorite club,buying a bottle and ringing in the New Year with a bunch of friends. Over the years as our generation became older alot of us just settled for staying home and celebrating with the family, by 12:05 we were seriously considering calling it a night. There were many reasons to stay home too far to drive, too expensive, music was changing and we didn’t want to hear Hip Hop all night many other reasons of course. So we settled and stayed at home. 12 grapes, a glass of ” Cidra” and another slice of ” Brazo Gitano” when no one was looking So we decided to evaluate what it was that people were looking for to motivate them to go out on this the last night of the year. Our particular demographic target was ages 47 through 60 ,those of us that had been here from the very beginning, the Open Houses, The Pete and Lenny’s , The Limelight a select crowd of well dressed , well behaved individuals we no longer thought were out there. We had been able to duplicate this at our November 1st event. The chemistry of those that attended was ” magical” as if we had stepped back in time to 1979.Open Stageopen-stage-club-miami_617d
” Everything fell into place that night,the energy level was exhilarating, the music , the people as well as the visuals on the monitors around the club. Our bodies were in 2014, our senses were in 1979. It was incredible ” remembers Lizzie Valencia of West Miami. On Wednesday December 31 Veteran DJs Mr.Q 305 from Miami Landmark night spots such as Alexandre’s at the Omni Hotel and Daphne’s at the Sheraton River house along side of DJ Alex Gutierrez from clubs of the past such as Alcazaba at the Coral Gables Hyatt Regency, 609 , Mezzanotte in South Beach and Coconut Grove as well as Club Mystique at the airport Hilton once again bring you the perfect combination of style and sounds. ” We know you have many choices ,but our venue stands out for it’s quality and location. Award Winning Chef and an extremely friendly staff, not to mention the music you won’t hear anywhere else” states Mr. Q Miaster Q andDJ  Alex Gutierrez
” We enjoy entertaining audiences of our generation. We share a bond with them, a connection to that era that allows us to enjoy the experience together, To recreate a long lost time for just a few short hours” DJ Alex Gutierrez
We invite you to come and share with us.
A variety of packages are available to enjoy the evening. Call 305 441 7902
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