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Mike " In The Night" Triay …….Lives on

Mike in the Night was an MC, a radio Engineer,a producer, a Remixer a Radio personality he earned each and everyone of those titles with years of hard work and dedication ., but the title that I remember him the most by is ” FRIEND” …..No hard work or dedication there…he was my friend ,naturally and without effort he earned my trust, my respect, my love and admiration. He was hard headed and stubborn ,a little too frank at times ,but he was REAL. Real in an industry run by “Not so Real ” . people He came alive behind the microphone ,a place where his looks ,his weight didn’t matter. Where he would be judged solely on the sound of his voice and what he had to say. An unmistakable voice , heard by hundreds of thousands of people on commercials, on the airwaves and from nightclubs all over Miami since the early 80s. A voice that could inspire and motivate anyone who heard it ,to immediately get up and dance. The nightclubs needed him , he WAS the party. In 1995 he would produce the hit record ” Macarena ( Bayside Boys Remix )” on RCA records ,Continue readingMike " In The Night" Triay …….Lives on

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