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December 14, 1977 Saturday Night Fever ( The Movie) Released

Although it only represented a ” localized” Disco experience, specifically that of Italian Americans living in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City. The film helped propel Disco into the mainstream. Although the music and dancing were secondary in the telling of the story of Tony Manero ,the visuals defined the period and was the mold for new ” Disco Converts” Polyester shirts, Blow Dried hair,gold chains, elevator shoes and other details that would become standard disco style. “Would you just watch the hair? I work a long time on my hair, and you hit it!” was one of my favorite quotes from the movie. The songs used in the film were not really representative of the style of music heard in the nightclubs at the time , but that didn’t keep an 18 year old DJ from seeing it countless of times. In the end Saturday Night Fever would represent ” Disco” and would be the future source of ridicule to generations of people who never really got to know the true essence of the music and the scene.