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The Electric Slide Syndrome

Anyone who has been in the DJ business for a long period of time can probably describe at least a half dozen or so ” Dance trends” that have graced our dance floors . But without question the most enduring and to some ” annoying ” trend that has lingered since it was first choreographed by Richard Silver in 1976 is The Electric Slide. An 18 step Line Dance that continues to be a favorite and guaranteed dance floor filler at most private events that has recently found it’s way into some nightclubs.Line dancing has always had a Wild West image, and it was danced mainly to country-western music. This has been changing since the 1970’s, when the hustle line dance was depicted in the Disco Themed movie ” Saturday Night Fever” where club  patrons danced in unison to the Bee Gee’s track ” Night Fever” It was also a weekly feature of the popular television show ” Soul Train” The famous ” Soul Train Line”   . The are many variations of contemporary Line Dances such as Cha Cha Slide,Cupid Shuffle,Wobble Macarena and a few other regional variations with their own local names.Chicago-Style Stepping, or steppin’ as it is also known, was createdContinue readingThe Electric Slide Syndrome

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