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Once a Upon a Time. A Donna Summers Celebration

Once a Upon a Time. A Donna Summers Celebration performance by her sister Mary Gaines Bernard at the Renaissance Ballroom Miami

Jimmie Elias better know to his friends as  “Jimmie E Disco”  he has kept the dance Music of the 70s and early 80s alive since his first DJ job in the mid 70s at a popular Miami  teen Club ” Salon Azul” . Club owner, concert promoter, radio personality everyone knows Jimmy. On Saturday February 29, 2020 Jimmy opened the  doors at his luxury event venue The Renaissance Ballroom in Miami. (A Gerard Bernard, Jimmie Elias & Luis Mario #Legendsofvinyl Production.) With the participation of such groups as The Legends of Vinyl, Share Your Heart, Magic Waste Youth Foundation, Love by LOV and Havana Roasters the concert sold out within a week after being announced.

Bernard was born in Boston and her parents, Andrew and Mary Gaines, raised their 6 children as devout Christians. In 1978 Bernard, along with sister Dara, and Carlena Williams formed the  group, Sunshine. They produced a song(Take It To The Zoo) featured on the  soundtrack for  the movie, Thank God It’s Friday,  She sang background on several of Donna’s songs.Her sister LaDonna Adrian Gaines ( Donna Summer) passed om May 17, 2012

The standing room only concert opened with one of Donna’s biggest hit ” McArthur Park” as Mary stepped on the stage. In my opinion this  was one of Donna’s  toughest songs for any vocalist to tackle, it was impressive how Mary held the notes, sustaining them with great power, tone and control . The audience knew they were in for a treat and the rest of the night did not disappoint. The live  band  delivered on all levels sounding like the actually recordings, a feat many live ensembles cannot achieve. The show wrapped up with , of course ” Last Dance” which brought every one out of their seats to the dance floor. The up close and personal approach that Elias has taken in presenting Mary Gaines Bernard was applauded by all the attendees. ” This was an experience I will never forget. Donna would be proud of her sister , her performance was impeccable .” said Betty Rasse a life long Donna Summer fan who has attended many of her concerts . Immediately following the concert Jimmie and Luis Mario took to the turntables for an energetic Disco Classic set that kept the crowd dancing late into the night. ” Miami is ready for more artists in this  intimate setting and we thank Jimmie Elias for providing us with such a great venue and concert”  DJ Alex Gutierrez

Local Disco fans with Jimmie Elias
Jimmie E Disco mixing it up to a full house
Luis Mario played some great classics the crowd loved !
Making things go smooth behind the scenes
Who is that in the Audience?

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