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DJ Jimmy Martinez ……One of Miami's Original DJs

Owned by Doug and Nancy Stevens The Top Draw was located on the 79 Street Cauesway in Noth Bay Village. It was a private club near Miami Beach, which featured three large connecting rooms a Disco, Restaurant (the best ribs in town and onion soup) and a Piano bar where older people would hang out. It was opened till 5am . DJ Jimmy Martinez called it home from 1975 to 1979.
Jimmy Martinez :”I was a Dancer , a pretty good one at that and I loved the music ..My friend was a DJ and he wanted to visit his Dad at Fort Bragg.He needed a weekend off and asked me for a favor .SOUNDED GOOD..I loved Dancing and the Disco LIFE.. He Said I’ll show you it’s quick ( NO MIXER IN 1973) We would just fade in and out ..I LOVED IT!! SPECIALLY THE LADIES that would come by the booth. My friend never came back he moved to LOS ANGELES from DC. My love affair with Disco was only just beginning . I followed him to Los Angeles , by that time we had started to mix tracks into each other My friend’s name was Pete Sosa He went on to Mix the group Arpeggio’s Love and Desire”
Today Jimmy runs a 24 hour Internet Disco Station ALL HITS RADIO and narrarates books for the blind right here in Miami. Jimmy and his station are a proud supporter of The Miami Disco Project.