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DISCO: YES or NO? Blondie " Heart of Glass"

Blondie was mostly known as a punk/new wave band formed by Deborah Harry and Chris Stein in the early 70s. The release of their Parallel Lines LP in 1978 had many fans calling them a “sellout” as the hit single ” Heart of Glass” was picked up by radio and classified as Disco, but was it really? Was this a dance floor filler at nightclubs at the height of Disco’s popularity in 1979?The song released in January 1979,reached number one in both the United States and the UK .Rolandcr78
The production team made use of cutting edge technology at the time by creating it’s drum pattern on a Roland CR-78 drum machine, first introduced the year the track was recorded. Some DJs of the period would use this as an early evening opening track but in my experiences I never heard anyone program this track to a packed house accustomed to a more energetic style. So what’s the verdict? Disco: YES or NO?Parallel_Lines