Disco Undercover

So Disco became a “bad word’ Radio stations  went back to playing Top 40 and Rock and before you knew it Hip Hop took over.But did it go ” Undercover” ? Did artists influenced by this music continue to produce ” Disco infused” tracks? Do contemporary artists such as Daft Punk, Bruno Marrs,Justin Timberlake, DJ Cassidy, Pharrel and others continue to produce this music and covertly serve it up as contemporary pop? Can there be Disco music without Disco” The  Culture” ?  Was the music connected to an experience , a musical style that can no longer be labeled  Disco” without all of it’s peripheral accessories ? We are a global community of fans ,sharing memories via You tube links .Are we buying the music from the artists that pay homage to this style by incorporating it into their music,. somehow sending them a message that we appreciate their efforts? We should. Below are a just few of the artists that over the recent  years have carried the torch for the music that started the party.
Jamiroquai is   a British funk and acid jazz band formed in 1992. Fronted by lead singer Jay Kay . The groups abilty to fuse Disco and contemporary styles is unmatched.

David Russell Lee Dave combined his Love  for disco music into house music as both a producer and remixer, Making him one of the pioneers of  “Disco-House ”

Justin Timberlake ( Justin Randall Timberlake ) Not only was he Britney Spear’s boyfriend, but this former N-Sync member can crank out some funky and downright Disco sounding tracks.

Afro Medusa – Pasilda is a British dance music trio, of members Isabel Fructuoso, Nick Bennett and Patrick Cole. They had two songs on the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart, beginning with “Pasilda”, which hit #1 in 2000. Classified under ” Latin House: there are definately some Disco influences running through the track.
DJ Cassidy – Calling all Hearts  (Cassidy Podell ) is a DJ from New York associated with some very high profile people like President Obama, Beyonce. His first album, Paradise Royale, is scheduled for release by Columbia Records in 2014. The aim of the album is to “bring back the greatest and most universal dance music of all time,” with new material that captures the essence of 1978–1982 dance music.With this album hehas brought together a 14-piece string section and 22 of the world’s most notable musicians from that period, including Nile Rodgers of Chic; Ray Parker Jr., who worked with Stevie Wonder and Barry White; Jerry Hey, who arranged Michael Jackson‘s horns and string sections; and Philip Bailey, Verdine White and Larry Dunn of Earth, Wind and Fire.

Daft Punk – Get Lucky The French duo gave it to us good in 2013 proving to the world that Disco was very much alive. Released on their ” Random Access” album. The song broke records with the highest number of plays of any song in a single day on music streaming application Spotify. They won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year 2014