Disco Culture : You are The People Who Keep The Music Alive

Disco Music has survived the test of time. The parodys, the satires,Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park in 1979. Contemporary Dance music draws upon the structure created by the pioneers such as Alec R Costandinos, Cerrone,Giorgio Moroder, Boris Midney, John Davis, Paul Jabarra and others but it could not have survived without the support of the DJs and the fans that keep this music in their sets and in their hearts. There is a culture , a movement that continues to expose generations to this music. A parent passing it on to his children , a DJ playing it for his crowds , an artist producing music reminiscent of the time ,repackaging for today’s ears. They are out there, consciously or unconsciously keeping the style alive.
I have decided to do a series of Profiles highlighting those people, mainly the fans of this genre who have continued to enjoy and support Disco all over the world. Without these faithful followers the music would not have endured. If you are a Fan and have a personal story of when your ” Love Affair” of Disco began , please LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW so I may contact you for a brief story of your first encounter. Thanks