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The Chakachas " Jungle Fever" X-Rated Disco?

I got in trouble ,BIG trouble when my father walked in to a group of us huddled around my stereo listening to the 1972 song ” Jungle Fever” by the Belgian group ” The Chakachas” The lady in the song was yelling and screaming, and although we weren’t quite sure why, we felt very ” naughty”…. very naughty. Many Many years later listening to this track again I got a weird look from wife ” You’re a pig” I think she said. So then how did this song go on to be Certified Gold by the Recording Industry of America and ranked as the No. 51 song for 1972 reaching #8 on the US Charts..
Jungle Fever relies heavily on a rhythm guitar riff , a trombone , a flute and a series of pauses where a woman can be prominently heard moaning and breathing heavily later joined by a man. It is a minimalist track yet the listener ( at least men) is hooked immediately and continues to listen despite it’s repetitive nature, curious to see ” what happens next” Call it an ” Adult Film on Vinyl” The original 45 RPM single was only 2:32 seconds ( later extended) , yet it feels longer ( no pun intended).Chaka
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The Chakachas were a Belgian based group of Latin studio musicians, founded in 1958 by percussionist Gaston Bogaert. Although it did receive airplay it’s source of popularity came straight from the nightclubs at the time where the track was a must play.The 1997 film “Boogie Nights” revived it and featured it as background in one of it’s scenes. You can find this 45 RPM in most every collection from veteran DJs of the 70s. It was remade in 1982 by Kinkina on Profile Records Remixed by Phil Harding and produced by Paul Oakenfeld .It’s worth another listen.remake
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