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Ecstacy, Pete & Lenny's "South Florida Disco History"

When you walked into Pete and Lenny’s you were never really certain if the band or the DJ was playing. Ecstacy were that good. It was rare to find a group performing current material, let alone nightclub hits usually reserved for the club’s DJs . “Of all the house bands that went through Pete & Lenny’s (and there were some great ones like Quickstep and Babe. Even La Flavor did a stint), Ecstacy was the truest to the music. At a time when clubs were transitioning away from live music to DJs, this put them head and shoulders above everyone else. These guys were so good that the transitions from me to them and back to me were flawlessly on beat and sounded as close to a DJ mix as you could get without going vinyl to vinyl (remember, this was wayyy before CDs, much less mp3s LOL). Ecstacy, I just wish they had been as on time as they were good…. “LMAO” recalls resident DJ Rick Alonso who provided the sounds for this entertainment complex in the heart of Broward County A massive tri-level Pete & Lenny’s became THE place to see and be seen. The club attracted someContinue readingEcstacy, Pete & Lenny's "South Florida Disco History"

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