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Mantrap Then and Now

I could blame Mantrap for introducing me to ” Skipping ” school, but I won’t. You see the first time I skipped class was to go to a Mantrap concert at Miami High. Not only was I risking my life by getting in trouble with my father , but I was also taking a chance that I would be identified as a stranger at Miami High and that alone was reason to get beaten up there ,usually by somebody with a nickname like ” El Vampiro ” ” Fosforito ” or ” Cabeza ” Well needless to say we made it in with our lives , just in time. The concert began . We sat in the balcony looking down , people were dancing in the isles, girls ,lots of them yelled at the top of their lungs and the members of the group smiled looking at each other as if they knew ” it didn’t get better than this ” Alex Gutierrez Nelson Correa remembers: I WENT TO GESU SCHOOL FROM 1-8 GRADE THEN I WENT TO RICO HIGH SCHOOL WHICH IS WHERE I MET SOME OF THE MUSICIANS THAT LATER COMPOSED MANTRAP. THE BAND MANTRAP REALLY BEGAN INContinue readingMantrap Then and Now

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