DISCO: YES or NO? KISS "I Was Made For Loving You"

During the peak of the Disco craze most notably in 1978-1979 many FM radios around the country switched formats and began programming Disco as their primary format. Established Pop and Rock and Roll artists fighting for valuable space on the airwaves began producing Disco flavored tracks, some successfully other disastrously. In this series ” DISCO: Yes or No” we attempt to examine Disco tracks from Non-Disco artists and the public’s acceptance or refusal to receive these songs as a legitamate form of the genre. You decide.Kiss I was made
Probably one of the best examples of this ” survival tactic” used by Rock bands in the late 70s to penetrate the Disco wall is the band KISS with their 1979 hit ” I Was Made for Loving You” from their album Dynasty written by Paul Stanley, Desmond Child and Vini Poncia on Nei Bogart’s Disco label CASABLANCA RECORDS. The album went on to be Certified Paltinum by the Recording Industry of America as well as achieving #1 Chart status in many countries. Kiss’ Bad Boy Rock and Roll image status was unaffected and the track made it’s way into many nightclubs. In my opinio this was mainly due to Casablanca’s street cred in the Disco market.But …..was it Disco?