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The Elements of Perfection : " I AM " Earth Wind & Fire

by DJ Alex Gutierrez Miami SFDJA / Rewind 1039 I’ve made it a point to have each one of my kids listen to a few cuts from Earth Wind and Fire’s 1979 album ” I Am ” often I’ve wondered if younger people can ” feel ” and appreciate the music , as we did back in the day. 31 years after it’s release I am still compelled to ” spread the word” on one of the most influential records in my life. ” I Am ” offers 9 beautifully arranged tracks that are elevated by excellent musicianship as well as lyrical content integrity with a humanitarian edge. Although it didn’t include interludes as with previous albums, this production delivers Earth Wind and Fire’s inspirational message to uplift the conscious state of mankind musically.  It was 1979, the peak of the Disco craze and record labels targeted the dance floor which is why in my opinion a track like ” Boogie Wonderland” was produced for this album   Up to that point, the group had not included any Disco flavored songs in any of their prior releases. The band finally gave a nod to the style, with “Boogie Wonderland” ( whichContinue readingThe Elements of Perfection : " I AM " Earth Wind & Fire

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