C-Bank ” Heaven”

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In the last few years we’ve seen Freestyle artists such as Stevie B and George LaMond release new material .Both productions faithful to the genre and well received at the nightclubs and concerts I DJ at. From a production standpoint it is extremely difficult to capture the essence of the Freestyle era. Many producers can’t resist the desire to make a track utilizing forced dance music arrangements and instrumentation tainting the final product with an overly polished sound, abusing effects and filters which is in direct contrast with Freestyle’s urban feel. Many past artists choose the ” Dance” or ” House” version route when releasing new music , which is the last thing concert attendees want to hear when they go to see an artist from the 80s in 2022.

” Heaven” by C- Bank immediately pulls you in and transports you back to the Freestyle Clubs of the mid to late 80s. The percussion intro summons you to the dancefloor and all the freestyle elements quickly fall into place taking over every inch of your body . The ” hits” and the synths set you up for a perfectly executed vocal track that flows ” heavenly” over the music .

Raymond ” The Chief” Hernandez program Director of the wildly popular Freestyle Station Rewind 1039 calls it ” A Jam !! For Freestyle to survive it needed to use today’s music keys and sounds to bring it up to date and this song delivers on all fronts !”

The track has tested well with the over 3000 members of the South Florida DJ Association and is starting to gather traction here in Miami. Give it a spin and I’m sure you’ll be in ” Heaven”

“Heaven” performed by C-Bank

Lyric and Melody by Franc. Reyes

Music and Production by Carlos Berrios Berrios Beats Music 2022


I Believe in Love George LaMond


George Lamond’s music back in the day was labeled as ” Freestyle” when he first came to the scene in 1989 with his debut single “Bad of the Heart” Although the quality and production values of his material, as well as his vocal range set him far apart from your average Freestyle singer. His album, also titled Bad of the Heart, included singles: “Without You”, “Look Into My Eyes” and “No Matter What” ( A Duet with Brenda K Starr.) Djs like myself immediately embraced his sound and enthusiastically played his tracks throughout the night.

For the last several years Freestyle music has enjoyed a resurgence and concerts all over the country have called upon LaMond as a feature or in many instances a Headliner for their shows. His vocal delivery and range have not suffered with the passing of the years , unlike many other performers of that era who routinely rely on backing tracks to augment their failing voices. (No names will be mentioned here to protect the innocent ). One complaint I have with many of these artists , and very few have pulled this off, is that they often try to change styles when they release new material. Again LaMond has succeeded in this department as well, releasing ” Entrega” his Salsa album in 1999 which gave us ” Si te Vas” a huge salsa dancefloor hit here in Miami in 1999 . I played the Remix expertly crafted by Baron Lopez.

Some of the Freestyle artists often try to delve into ” House versions” or EDM inspired versions of their old hits with laughable results and even worse when they perform these ” new versions” at their concerts , they are met with blank stares and confused looks as if they had gone into a Chinese restaurant and had been served pizza. Again LaMond has triumphed here as well with his dance version of Journey’s ” Don’t Stop Believing” a feat only a real vocalist could undertake. The result, a faithful reproduction of the original , familiar to audiences and acceptable at live performances.

On his new single ” I Believe in You” George does , what George does best. A solid Freestyle period track ,incorporating some very familiar ” Judy Torres style” percussion loops that work well on this track . We even get a call back to those cascading violin hits that were prominent in his songs of the past. From start to finish the track pleases all of our nostalgic desires as well letting you know that George has still got it, vocally and lyrically. It’s exactly what we expect from artists of this era when they announce a new release. Get in your ride open all the windows like it’s 1989 and crank this joint up. You’re going back in time and man, does it feel good!!



" Sara" Freestyle artist Tony Marino returns !

DJ Alex Gutierrez /SFDJA Miami

Many of you aren’t old enough to remember the 1986 hit ” Sara” by Starship (a continuation of Jefferson Starship, that underwent a change in musical direction, with loss of personnel, and a lawsuit settlement that led to a name change) .

Tony Marino‘s new version achieves what many ” Remakes” often don’t , it updates the style , while being faithful to the original production. The track has an unmistakable Freestyle feel with 80s style electronic elements that can easily be programmed into any retro DJ set. Back in my early DJ days Marino’s 1989 single ” Love You Feel” And ” Without You”became a mixshow and club staples. Producer Tolga Katas produced his follow up ” One Love” ( written by Tony Marino and Giuseppe D. )

On ” Sara” Marino’s vocals shine through nicely and drive DJ /Producer Jorge Ojeda’s production with additional production work that includes Ricky Alfaras and Giuseppe D.) Released on Destune Records, Miami’s longest running and last standing Freestyle Dance Music label this track is already grabbing the attention of the members of The South Florida DJ Association. whose over 3000 members can’t wait to get back in the clubs and introduce audiences to Tony Marino’s ” Sara”

Hear Tony Marinos New Single Click here SARA

Producers Ricky Alfaras & Jorge Ojeda

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Stevie B

Countless number of Freestyle artists have tried to unsuccessfully reinvent themselves with ” new” material that comes across forced and artificial , with laughable results and No support from Djs . Stevie B is that rare exception . His new track ” When Your Heart is Calling” could have been a radio hit back when he started in 1988. With this track he doesn’t attempt to            re-invent, instead he reaffirms his status as the Most Influential Freestyle artist to come out of that era, hopefully setting an example for other artists who might attempt to record new material.

The track uses Cybertron’s ” 1983 hit ” Clear” as a the music bed for this single , Stevie bounces and pops lyrically just the way he  did on his previous material. Fans of Freestyle music will not be disappointed as this is the ” Real Deal”. Djs will be able to feed this track to audiences slipping it in their sets with no complaints from the dance floor. I’m hoping he might release another Freestyle version but with original music, but for now this , in my opinion is one of the Best ” New” original songs released by an artist of that era. The cut can be found on his new lp ” The Best of Life”

DJ Alex Gutierrez

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Open House Radio

Mike and I have worked in just about every nightclub and every radio Station in
Miami. Collectively we share over 30 years in the business. We have been
witness to the evolution of dance music ,since the days of Disco to the
present. Technologically Mike has been at the forefront of Studio Engineering and the
Recording Industry.
Mike’s father, Miguel Triay is the most respected Radio Engineer in the country
,responsible for massive broadcasting projects both in South Florida and Puerto
Rico.Mike Jr.was the producer/remixer of the English version of the worlwide hit :”
La Macarena”There is no doubt that music is our passion. Unfortunately this
business is not kind and most people who work in it only care about one
thing….themselves… and true talent often gets cast aside in favor of behind the
scenes deals and strategies to stay in “power” for as long as possible in this very
unstable line of work. Alliances are formed and those who shine by way of their
talent are often squashed by the powers that be. Radio Formats rely on ” research” .
Most stations play “safe” music ,in other words stuff you’re tired of listening to. So
alot of artists get lost in the cracks,especially those who did not achieve
“mainstream” or radio play.So we took matters into our own hands,hey it’s not everyone that has access to a full blown radio production studio 24 hours a day. We decided to create a “radio”
program for people our age with the music we used to listen to ,plus…. the music
that would catch our attention today. Throw in a little Salsa and those slow jams that
mad us run towards that girl we had our eye on all night and we had a program WE
would listen to and hopefully everyone else too.
We were right………In the first week we had over 2000 subscribers on I Tunes . The
Emails were overhelming. We had connected with an audience that had been
overlooked,an audience that didn’t like Hip Hop ,Reggeaton andother urban styles
that wasn’t really listening to Radio anymore.Our program is 100% authentic mixed the way DJs used to mix with the information you want to hear about these artists that you never knew before.Even the actual
artists themselves in many cases have lent their voices to the program. It’s exciting
,very exciting to be able to talk to and play the music of these great musicians and
vocalists who otherwise may not have an outlet to keep their music alive.
Open House Radio or OHR is a station I always dreamed I could listen to, and
MILLIONS OF YOU seem to agree.
Mike and I Thank you for letting us serve you in this manner.
Part 2

On December 9, 2012, at the age of 48 Mike in the Night Triay host and producer of ” Open House Radio” passed away in his sleep. It was a devastating and emotional event in my life.His influence in my life both personally and musically was beyond words. Mike and I would sit in his studio for hours talking and dreaming .We worked as a team in local nightclubs and concerts. All we wanted was to bring joy to those people like us that grew up during the 60s and 70s. Mike with his voice , myself with the music I loved….. Disco. Filling his shoes on our program ” Open House Radio” would be a difficult task. To find someone who shared the same love of this music and possessed the knowledge and experience in this genre. Long time friend and founder of the group ” Expose” Lewis Martinee fit right in , bringing his DJ experience from the legendary Hallandale nightspot ” The Limelight” and his studio/production expertise from countless of hit records. The show continued. Open House Radio can be heard all over the world on any given night. Cities such as France ( Amys FM, Generation Soul Disco Funk ) New York ( Disco 935) Miami ( and Canada to name a few. The show is a selection of personal favorites from the early 70s and 80s formatted in a ” DJ Mix” style to recreate the feel of an authentic 70s Discotheque. Soul dance Crossovers, Boogie Down as well as Rare Disco grooves constantly surprise an audience who had just about given up hope on ever hearing these tracks again.Open House Radio
Mike in the Night was a popular South Florida Radio Personality since the early 80s from the popular station SUPER Q FM , he later went on to work on Salsa 98 , and Clasica 92 where he lead the station in ratings for his shows on Friday , Saturday and Sunday most notably Saturday Night Fever transmitting live from many of the areas nightclubs. Mike was also involved in the Remix of the world wide sensation La Macarena.mike-in-the-night
DJ Alex Gutierrez has been heard in just about every local nightclub as well as radio stations since 1974.He has remixed hits for many of today’s Latin superstars and has been a fixture in the local Disco and Salsa scene. He is the innovator of the Latin, Beat Mixing technique emulated by most of the nation’s Latin Djs. He has recieved various awards on a local level as well as a nomination from the International Dance Music awards for best Latin Mix Show when he was on Salsa 98.10685528_569693269824278_2454184071725655875_n
Lewis Martinee is a producer, songwriter and disc jockey based in Miami, Florida. Lewis reached number one on the Billboard Pop Charts, and has had multiple records reach top ten. Martinee received Billboard Songwriter of the Year as well as BMI Songwriter of the Year. In addition to founding the girl group Exposé in 1984, he also wrote and produced all songs on its first two albums, Exposure (1987) and What You Don’t Know (1989). He also contributed to the group’s third effort, Exposé, in 1992.
Martinee has also worked with many other artists of note, producing, writing and or remixing tracks: including Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Celine Dion, Company B, Arika Kane, Jermaine Jackson, Sequal, the Cover Girls, Debbie Gibson, Vanessa Williams, Pet Shop Boys, Son by Four, and Elvis Crespo, among others
Combining our technical as well as years of music industry experience Mike and Alex and now Lewis have set out to capture the essence of a 70s style local Disco show ,reminiscent of the popular ” SHOW DE RIKKI TIKKI’ with Enrique de la Maza back in 1977,78,79
Lewis and I also produce a weekly Dance Music Program ” Rhyhtm Mix 24/7″ heard on Clubbing Station in Canada ( Clubbing Station) and have remixed several projects for local as well as International artists.
You can Listen to past shows at our Mixcloud
Lewis and Alex