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" Sara" Freestyle artist Tony Marino returns !

DJ Alex Gutierrez /SFDJA Miami Many of you aren’t old enough to remember the 1986 hit ” Sara” by Starship (a continuation of Jefferson Starship, that underwent a change in musical direction, with loss of personnel, and a lawsuit settlement that led to a name change) . Tony Marino‘s new version achieves what many ” Remakes” often don’t , it updates the style , while being faithful to the original production. The track has an unmistakable Freestyle feel with 80s style electronic elements that can easily be programmed into any retro DJ set. Back in my early DJ days Marino’s 1989 single ” Love You Feel” And ” Without You”became a mixshow and club staples. Producer Tolga Katas produced his follow up ” One Love” ( written by Tony Marino and Giuseppe D. ) On ” Sara” Marino’s vocals shine through nicely and drive DJ /Producer Jorge Ojeda’s production with additional production work that includes Ricky Alfaras and Giuseppe D.) Released on Destune Records, Miami’s longest running and last standing Freestyle Dance Music label this track is already grabbing the attention of the members of The South Florida DJ Association. whose over 3000 members can’t wait to get back in theContinue reading" Sara" Freestyle artist Tony Marino returns !

Stevie B

Countless number of Freestyle artists have tried to unsuccessfully reinvent themselves with ” new” material that comes across forced and artificial , with laughable results and No support from Djs . Stevie B is that rare exception . His new track ” When Your Heart is Calling” could have been a radio hit back when he started in 1988. With this track he doesn’t attempt to            re-invent, instead he reaffirms his status as the Most Influential Freestyle artist to come out of that era, hopefully setting an example for other artists who might attempt to record new material. The track uses Cybertron’s ” 1983 hit ” Clear” as a the music bed for this single , Stevie bounces and pops lyrically just the way he  did on his previous material. Fans of Freestyle music will not be disappointed as this is the ” Real Deal”. Djs will be able to feed this track to audiences slipping it in their sets with no complaints from the dance floor. I’m hoping he might release another Freestyle version but with original music, but for now this , in my opinion is one of the Best ” New” originalContinue readingStevie B

Open House Radio

THE OPEN HOUSE RADIO STORY Mike and I have worked in just about every nightclub and every radio Station in Miami. Collectively we share over 30 years in the business. We have been witness to the evolution of dance music ,since the days of Disco to the present. Technologically Mike has been at the forefront of Studio Engineering and the Recording Industry. Mike’s father, Miguel Triay is the most respected Radio Engineer in the country ,responsible for massive broadcasting projects both in South Florida and Puerto Rico.Mike Jr.was the producer/remixer of the English version of the worlwide hit :” La Macarena”There is no doubt that music is our passion. Unfortunately this business is not kind and most people who work in it only care about one thing….themselves… and true talent often gets cast aside in favor of behind the scenes deals and strategies to stay in “power” for as long as possible in this very unstable line of work. Alliances are formed and those who shine by way of their talent are often squashed by the powers that be. Radio Formats rely on ” research” . Most stations play “safe” music ,in other words stuff you’re tired of listening to.Continue readingOpen House Radio

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