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Donny Benet " Konichiwa"

We “ exposed” our audiences to Donny Benetat one of our shows here in Miami about ayear ago. We’ve discovered that when we presentnew music to our audiences , it should be audio only, as videos seem to taint and influencenegatively songs that otherwise would be wellreceived. “ Konichiwa” ( 2017) from Donny Benet’s LP “ The Don ” was totally the opposite. The videosparked an immediate interest in this Sydneybased solo recording artist, whose musicalinspirations are obvious in his uniquestyle , which borrows heavily from Italo Disco,and R&B from the 80s. “Konichiwa ” is an ultra-smooth track , sung in a whisper style, over a 4 on the Floor Disco/Soulbeat, complete with a very sexy sax solo. A perfect video to introduce you to Donny’s cool ,underdog persona. The burning sax player ismy favorite aside from the suit.And No, he’s not that “porno guy” Buy Konichiwa here AMAZON LINK Listen on www.yachtrockmiami.com    

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