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Miami Disco Fever's Charlie Rodriguez

There are a very few people in this town you can always count on to carry the Disco torch .Individuals who share a passion for Disco music and are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Organizing events and Disco themed concerts for over 25 years Charlie Rodriguez has proven time after time that he is the” Barnum and Bailey” of Disco music assembling some of the genre’s finest talents and presenting them in large venues for the Miami public. Presenting Superstars of Disco such as France Joli, Tavares, Lime. GQ, Carol Douglas, Teri De Sario, Ray Martinez and Amant and many more. ” Disco Music is the Soundtrack of Miami and we have a responsibility to pass it on to future generations ” His most recent project on a smaller scale is the Disco Flavored night at The Fusion Cafe in Davie.Ideally located in an area that is able to serve both Dade and Broward residents with the music they love. Under the Miami Disco Fever Brand this event brings together die hard disco dancers of clubs like the Limelight, Pete and Lenny’s, Mr.Pips as well as those fans that have no outlet in which to enjoyContinue readingMiami Disco Fever's Charlie Rodriguez

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