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Meet Mariya Takeuchi and Welcome to " City Pop"


Most people are not familiar with the term ” City Pop” a style that  began in Japan in the late 1970s produced by artists who refused to embrace traditional Japanese music and began to emulate American soft rock, and R&B. Around 2010, this genre experienced a new found popularity ( especially online ) Tatsuro Yamashita is considered by many the ” King of City Pop” along with his wife Mariya Takeuchi. Several years ago when Yacht Rock Miami was founded Captain Juan Luv introduced me to Mariya who has sold over 16 million records in Japan. She is best known for the City Pop song “Plastic Love” from her number-one album ” Variety”  (1984)

This track is an excellent primer for those wishing to musically explore the vast oceans of ” Smoothnes” available . I’ve included the video to Friday Night Plans version which will certainly have you seeking out more of their music. Listen to all these great tracks and many more at