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Review: Kygo, Tina Turner – What’s Love Got to Do with It


DJ AlexGutierrez / SFDJA / Miami

I guess if someone HAD to remix this track, Kygo ,pronounced KY-GU ( Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll ) wasn’t a terrible choice since most of his productions are more on the laid back side of contemporary dance music or ” Chill” as fans will tell you. He’s approached similar projects like this before such as Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” and Whitney Houston’s version of the Steve Winwood Classic ” Higher Love” all with similar sounding results. The ” Kygo” formula I would assume. Some Acapellas here and there , a slight effect on the vocals and a drop into 118 BPM dance. We’ve been here before, but that’s Ok , I am not the target consumer. Although as a Dj, especially an older DJ ,this track would be categorized as an early evening starter.

Thankfully as the founder of the South Florida DJ Association with over 3000 members I have access to opinions and reactions from DJs of all ages, even though I actively seek out faithful remixes of Classic tracks to include in my sets. The general consensus was not surprising in this age of Hip Hop and a leaning towards a “harder ” dance sound. The track was deemed as ” weak” and unlikely to be played at any of their clubs or events. Some even referred to it as ” modern cocktail hour music ” Favorable comments were relegated to ” good for the beach” ” good for the driving” but remember that’s here in South Florida , maybe on an ocean front bar at 5 am on a beach in Greece, after a night of dancing this would be perfect.

The structure of the track remains pretty faithful to Tina’s original , what’s missing in my opinion is the ” soul” of the song , the sexy sultry vibe she gave off in the original. You compare.